What does scientifically-based mean?

All facts used for health coaching are backed up by science. That's it. Accredited research papers about healthy habits or eating disorders are used to provide you with sound information. The purpose of using science is to bring logic and reason to a highly emotional disorder. By delivering solid facts, you have a clear direction forward instead of wishy-washy suggestions.

Scientifically Based

What You Need to Know About Science as a Whole

Everyone has a biased. It's doesn't matter how objective you might think you are; we all have life experiences that influence how we feel and act. This principle leaks into research all the time. Researchers set up experiments in a way that achieves a specific end goal.

For every opinion out there, a scientific paper is out there to back it up. Since the beginning of the scientific method, scientists have conducted trillions of experiments. Anyone can claim this or that paper backs up their theories. Science has yet to answers lots of questions and has many hypotheses to prove.

Science is continually evolving and changing. And fast! It's hard to keep up with every study. Research is only fresh until a new study comes out that contradicts it. Sometimes that process can take decades; sometimes, it takes months. If you find a study from 1950, it might be the backbone of a research field, or it might be thoroughly debunked.

Scientific research looks at one small part of life but doesn't account for the whole picture. When an experiment is structured, the researchers only want to measure one variable, so they lock all other variables. Say you want to research how fast an ice cream cone melts outside? The humidity, wind speed, and sun position have to be the same for each experiment. But you might achieve a different answer if we change the set variables.

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Rome wasn't built in a day. Reading research papers is a skill, the more you read the better you will be able to interpret them.



The abstract summarizes the background, method, results, and conclusion of the paper. It gives you the just of the experiment.

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This section explains the outcome of the experiment.  It says concisely what they found during their research. You will find the answer to the study's question here.