What is Trim Healthy Mama?

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You probably haven’t heard of Trim Healthy Mama (THM). Not because it doesn’t work or isn’t popular, but because it isn’t in the media. The diet is predominantly in Christian circles and has taken the internet by storm.

THM was started in 2012 by two moms, Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison. These Christian women based the THM plan on the Bible, and the religion is heavily threaded through all the materials.

The plan has five basic rules—first, separate fats and carbs. Second, protein anchors every meal. Third, added sugar is not allowed. Fourth, eat every two to three hours. Last, fill the rest of your plate with fuel pulls.

First, the diet separates fats and carbs, the staple of THM. Dieters refer to fats and carbs as the two primary fuel sources. Eat them separately to prevent blood sugar spikes and because the body doesn’t burn simultaneously.

Eat every two to three hours. The body takes that long to digest the last meal. The motto is if you fall off the wagon, in three hours, you can hop right back on. You don’t have to wait until the next day or next week.

Avoid added sugar or processed sugar; no glucose, dextrose, or fructose. Sugar spikes your insulin levels; insulin tells your body to store energy, so you pack on the pounds. Sugar can also be addictive.

Every meal has protein. Protein boosts the metabolism and triggers the release of glucagon. Glucagon is the hormone that causes the body to burn its stored energy or fat.

Fill the rest of your plate with foods that match both fats and carbs. Dieters refer to these foods as fuel pulls. They don’t provide your body with too many fats or carbs but are fillers with incredible health benefits. Examples of fuel pulls are non-starchy vegetables and lean forms of dairy.

The diet plan is complicated and requires practice. The Trim Healthy Mama Plan is over three hundred pages of rules, meal plans, and instructions. The diet has weird ingredients that can’t be purchased at every grocery store. Pearl and Serene have developed supplements and artificial sweeteners that they sell through their website and health food websites.

The dieters modified THM to fit the average American diet. Eating out is still possible, and the diet has recipes that don’t require unique ingredients. Dieters can substitute regular sugar or store-bought sweeteners for the special ingredients. The diet has a learning curve to it.


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