25 ACTIONS to Help You Accept and Love Your Body

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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All these ideas start with actions. They are tangible, achievable behaviors that can help you change how you see yourself. Not all of them require money. Some activities are as simple as clean out your closest. Take what you want, leave what you don’t need.

Is there anything food-related? Nope. Because body acceptance is not only about food. Eating right is a form of self-care, and one way to love yourself is to take care of yourself. But food got you into this mess, so in this case, we aren’t going to use it to get out. The more that you love your body, the more you will naturally eat better.


What you put on your body makes a difference.

  1. Buy/wear clothes that make you look good. If you look appealing, you will feel appealing. Look marvelous, look marvelous. Look enchanting, feel enchanting. Stop wearing clothes that appear boxy, baggy, or hit you in all the wrong places.

  2. Wear the clothes you love. Do you like bold patterns and high heels? Wear them! For the longest time, I wanted a high-waisted swimsuit, but I thought I didn’t have the body to pull it off. One day, I just said, “screw it! I want it, so I’m going to do it!” Now I have three high waisted suits and no regrets.

  3. Clean out/organize your closet. Get rid of any clothes that don’t fit, don’t wear, or don’t like. Pull all the clothes that fit and that you love to the front. Loving your body goes hand in hand with what clothes you wear.

  4. Cut out all the tags from your clothes. You can scribble out the size if you want to keep the wash instructions. But the size is just a number. Eliminate the number just to remind yourself that you are more than the measurement on the tag.

Self Care.

People who love themselves take care of themselves.

  1. Let your hair down. Curl or straighten it just for fun. You don’t need a place to go to or an event to attend. Do it just to do it.

  2. Get your hair done. If you don’t have the skills to do something special to your hair, pay a professional, or ask a friend/sibling to do it for you.

  3. Get a manicure/pedicure. For most women, this is a luxury, but a simple pedicure is $20 to $30. It’s a lot more accessible than you think! You will thank yourself after twenty minutes in the massage chair.

  4. Buy new makeup. Allow yourself to purchase a new tube of mascara or explore a new eyeshadow color. Makeup is for you, not for anyone else—we put it on for our self-esteem.

  5. Give yourself a makeover. Is there a dress in the back of your closet that you have been waiting to wear? Put it on. Is there a makeup look you have wanted to try? Do it.

  6. Shave. A clean look can change your mindset, predominantly if you use body wash and apply lotion afterward. No man will ever understand the pleasure of freshly shaved legs.

  7. Foot spa. Our feet take a beating every day. Give them some affection by putting them in warm bubbly water for half an hour. It will get rid of dead skin and soothe any callous.

  8. Bubble bath. Put on some tunes, add some bath salts, and relax in the tub.


How you see yourself, affects how you love yourself.

  1. Take selfies. And get better at taking pictures of yourself. Figure out which angle you like the best. Develop a knack for finding the best lighting. If you know how to take amazing photos of yourself, you will do it more, and you will appreciate how you look!

  2. Make a video of yourself. It takes a lot of courage to record yourself. You don’t need to post them anywhere or even look at them. The point is for you to feel comfortable in front of a lense. Say whatever you like - talk about what you are thankful for or what you love about your body. Say anything!

  3. Write down what you appreciate about yourself. Don’t stop until you have a full page. There are lots of positive aspects of yourself that you didn’t know you have until you look. By focusing on the positive, the negative will start to disappear.

  4. Stare at yourself in the mirror. Sometimes, we have an airbrushed image of ourselves, but we need to face facts. This body is yours. You can’t do anything to change the color of your skin or the shape of your face. Confronting reality can help you accept yourself.

  5. Print and display pictures of yourself. Regularly seeing yourself will remind you how you look. When you see your image, focus on the positive parts of yourself. Face yourself to love yourself.


Random activities that will also help!

  1. Find and perform workouts you love. Pick an exercise that you can accomplish, that leaves you energized, and that makes you feel strong. Do it regularly. Focus on what you can achieve and appreciate what you can do.

  2. Go to the beach/pool. Some of the scariest places are the ones where swimwear is required. This action will help you face your fears. Bruce Wayne confronted bats and became Batman; you can go to the beach and love your body.

  3. Work on your walk. Put on your favorite shoes, pick a hallway with a mirror, and find a step that would make a model proud. The way you walk says a lot about who you are as a person. A more confident walk will make you a more confident person, and in turn, you will love your body more.

  4. Find the silver lining. Did you know that some companies use their one-star ratings for their ads? There is always a positive to every negative. Be optimistic and strive to find the benefit in every situation.

  5. Go on a date. Spend time with someone who loves you! Preferably with a significant other, but could be with a sibling, parent, or friend. Other people don’t see all of your flaws, especially your fleshly ones; they could surprise you with how much they love your physical attributes.

  6. Compare yourself to who you were yesterday. This situation is the only time when I will tell you to compare yourself to someone else. You want to be continually improving, so being better than you were yesterday is always a good comparison. And a way to appreciate who you are!

  7. Step on the scale so you can step off it. By all means, if the number on the scale is a trigger for you, don’t do this. Otherwise, use this exercise to reconfigure how you see your weight. It is only a number, don’t let it rule you.

Let me know in the comments if there are any other actions you would recommend to help you love your body!

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