Holistic Approach

What is a holistic approach?


Spirituality refers to your purpose or motivation in life. Some individuals find it in a belief or faith system; others find their meaning through other mediums. Either way, spirituality is the reason you live your life the way you do. Finding a purpose can give you direction. It can instill confidence, make your choices simpler, and provide you with security. A lack of use can lead to depression, anxiety, and, guess what?! Addiction!


Mentality refers to your cognitive function, usage of the brain, and your thinking patterns. Are your thoughts mostly negative or positive? Do you overthink situations? How do you reflect on life? Do you jump to conclusions? Thoughts most likely got you into your eating disorder. As you binged, purged, or fasted, you lied about everything and anything. You focused on the negative aspects of your life, your body, or both.


Emotional refers to mood and encompasses how well you recognize, express, and control emotions. According to the Wheel of Emotions, the six primary emotions are happiness, sadness, disgust, anger, fear, and surprise. 

Our mood can affect how we conduct ourselves at work, our behavior, our health, and our perception of the world. Emotions can play a huge role in any eating disorder; in that extreme emotions contribute to unnatural eating habits.


Social refers to the ability to make and maintain meaningful relationships. How many connections do you have? How many can you retain? Are relationships meaningful? This aspect of health refers to how you interact with those around you.

 Other humans have a massive impact on how we conduct ourselves. Comments, looks, or body language from others can change our moods, actions, or mentality. 

We interact with others who have ED, who don’t have ED, and who don’t understand ED. Each has an impact on our eating habits.


Physical refers to the body and if it is free of disease and injury. The physical is what a traditional doctor is going to check for health. It includes what you put into your body, what comes out of your body and your exercise habits. The physical aspect might be the most obvious link to an eating disorder, but it is the least linked. Your diet, workouts, and physical health is a result of the first four parts of holistic health. If something is wrong with your spirituality, mentality, emotionality, or socially, it will manifest itself physically.

addressing the spiritual, mental, emotional, and social parts of your life to fix the physical disaster